Stacey Solomon issues important message to fans after she’s warned ‘don’t get any thinner

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TV star Stacey Solomon is a champion for body positivity and regularly shares candid pictures of herself and encouraging posts on Instagram to set a good example to her fans. Earlier this week, the mum-of-three received an unexpected message from a follower who commented on her weight and warned “don’t get any thinner”.

Stacey, who turned 31 at the weekend, shared the post online to raise the issue of judgment by society.

In view of her 3.6 million followers, she wrote on her Story: “So I just thought I would share this message I read last night with you…

“’Wow you down to a size 10 now, don’t get any thinner.’

“It was a reply to my pyjamas I shared and I thought I must have had the size label showing,” the television star went on to explain.

Stacey, who has been in the public eye since she shot to fame on the X Factor in 2009, continued: “I thought I’d share this reply because we are all being judged. Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too pretty, too ugly.”

“We can’t win with what other people think of us. So the best thing we can do is try not to treat ourselves the same way that others or society does.”

True to form, the uplifting star signed off with an important and positive message: “You are perfect just the way you are. You deserve good things and are worthy no matter what you look like.”

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Stacey, who is currently dating Joe Swash and is mum to Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, one, recently became an ambassador for the Dove self-esteem project.

The initiative offers useful tips for anyone who is struggling “bat away” to deal with this kind of judgement and negativity.

The popular television personality revealed that when she is “not kind” to herself this type of information can really help lift her mood.

In an earlier post, Stacey spoke about her weight following the birth of her third child and admitted she had been harsh on herself about her appearance.

“I’ve lost weight recently for some reason and I didn’t lose my skin with it so I’ve not been very nice to myself about it which isn’t like me at all.”

Adding: “I Love My Body. It is changing all of the time so it takes some getting used to now and again…”

The Loose Women star went on to say that seeing other body confidence posts had reminded her to love her own body.

“I am beautiful and every BODY is different and that’s what makes them special,” she added.

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