The Secret Hailey Bieber Kept From Her Parents

From a glimpse of Hailey Bieber’s YouTube page, it is quite obvious that she isn’t afraid to be an open book about her life — especially in an entertaining way. The model revealed juicy tidbits about a number of topics during a May 2021 episode of her YouTube show “Who’s In My Bathroom,” which was produced by OBB Pictures. Playing a game of “Shoot or Truth” with Addison Rae (where the two shoot mini basketballs into a hoop), Hailey confessed that she kept a secret from her parents as a teen.

“When I was 16, I said I was going out with my sister, we were just going out to dinner,” Bieber said. “We went to the Drake concert instead. They never found out for like years and then my sister and I ended up telling them when we were older. Sorry Mom and Dad.” Seriously, could you blame her? Who would possibly miss a chance to see Drake in concert? The white lie Bieber confessed on her show is just one of the many she’s told her parents in the past. In fact, she went on her first date with her husband Justin Bieber behind their back.

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