Tracee Ellis Ross's Song About Making a Voting Plan Has Chart-Topping Potential, TBH

Tracee Ellis Ross has dropped the banger of 2020. Less than a week before the presidential election, the actress shared a song encouraging her Instagram followers to make a voting plan, and, as one may expect of the reigning Instagram queen, it freakin’ slaps.

Donning a glorious suit and blue “vote” face paint, she dramatically clears her throat several times and begins, “Make a voting plan, and when you make a plan, you’ll feel better than when you began. If you haven’t, you should make one as fast as you can.” She then calls on her fans to “bring a friend” and proceeds to rattle off a handful of names that rhyme with “plan,” including Jan, Dan, Fran, Susanne, Anne, Joanne, and “don’t forget Roxanne!” Tracee, who already cast her ballot early this year, also weaves in a few other helpful tidbits for anyone planning to hit the polls on Nov. 3, including, “If you feel irregular, maybe you should eat some bran.”

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