Travis Kelce Says LeBron James Would Have Been A 'Problem' In NFL

The greatest tight end in the NFL believes LeBron James would have thrived as a pro football player … ’cause Travis Kelce tells TMZ Sports the King would’ve been a serious “problem” in the league if he didn’t become a basketball icon.

LBJ recently revealed he received offers to play for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks during the 2011 NBA lockout … and said he would have likely tried out at tight end if he decided to play football.

Considering Kelce is a 5-time All-Pro tight end, a Super Bowl champ and a 6-time Pro Bowler, we had to ask about LBJ’s chances in the league … and he truly believes James would have balled out!!!

“I think LeBron is one of the greatest athletes in the world, right,” Kelce told Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs nightly on FS1).

“His athleticism, how knowledgeable he is about the game of basketball that you can tell how he plays, he gets down to the scheme of things.”

Kelce continued … “And, that’s a lot about being a football player is understanding schemes, going out there, playing free and letting your athleticism show.”

Of course, there may be a bit of bias in Kelce’s answer … he grew up in Cleveland Heights, just about 45 minutes from LeBron’s hometown of Akron. But, make no mistake, he’s serious about LeBron’s abilities on the gridiron.

“I think Bron would have definitely been a problem on the football field, no doubt about it,” he added. “Especially with tight end room. That’s us Northeast Ohio guys, man. We’re all-around athletes. You can throw us in any sport, we’ll have success.”

As for whether LBJ would have been able to make that transition in 2011, Kelce says he wishes he could have seen that experiment unfold.

We also spoke with Kelce about his partnership with LG, where he’s opening the doors to his life off the field for the “Travis Kelce, Only On LG” series … which also stars 2 of his childhood friends.

Kelce says he had a blast shooting the parody-style show … adding, “We’re just in there having a whole lot of fun.”

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