Tyler Perry Wants Actors To Stop Buying Billboards To Get His Attention

Actors are paying upwards of $2,000 to pay for a billboard in Tyler Perry’s neighborhood in Atlanta as a way to get his attention and hoping it leads to an acting gig. Tyler wants these thirsty actors to save their money and audition for him for free. And he’s not wrong, $2,ooo is a ton of money for an out-of-work or (under)employed actor and though it may grab some attention, it’s probably the wrong kind of attention. It’s like acting super wasted to get the bartenders attention. They’ll see you, but they aren’t going to serve you.

Although, maybe it did work, because we are talking about unknown actress Racquel Bailey, who The Blast says spent thousands of dollars to beg Tyler for a job via a billboard. Tyler Perry gave her a talking to and also showed her face to his almost 4 million followers:

So two other actors have already done this! I don’t enjoy watching unknown actors waste their money but I do kind of love the idea of weird billboards. If I had Fuck You money, I would buy so many billboards and just talk about my day or my enemies. My billboards would read something like, “Good bagel today. Just the right amount of cream cheese.”  Or “Sarah from high school was such a bitch and probably still is.” Let’s be glad I can barely afford a Facebook page (and that’s free!) and I’ll leave the billboard messiness to the professionals.

But Tyler Perry’s message, especially that “high alert” thing. It sounds like Racquel didn’t win the role of “scorned wife at church #2” in the Madea reboot, which is probably coming next year, but it sounds like she did win a restraining order. So I guess actors who want to be in a Tyler Perry movie should use their money for more important things like a therapist, an acting class, a life coach, or a fat suit so they can play the same character over and over and make millions upon millions of dollars for it.

Pic: Wenn.com

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