What Was the Supremes Singer, Mary Wilson's Net Worth When She Died?

Music was changed by The Supremes and Mary Wilson played a big part in that. She later told her story of what went on behind the scenes between the original members, and had her own career. This is what her net worth was and what she was up to before she died.

Mary Wilson died at 76

Wilson is a founding member of The Supremes along with Betty McGlown, Florence Ballard, and Diana Ross. She reportedly died at her home in Henderson, Nevada on Feb. 8, according to The New York Times. The cause of death has been unconfirmed.

The founder of Motown, Berry Gordy, gave a statement regarding the news. “I was always proud of Mary,” he said. “She was quite a star in her own right, and over the years continued to work hard to boost the legacy of the Supremes.”

Ballard later left the group and was replaced by Cindy Birdsong. It was then renamed “Diana Ross and The Supremes”. Ross eventually left The Supremes in 1970 to have a solo career. She was replaced by Jean Terrell.

This left Wilson to be the last original member before leaving in 1979 to have a solo career. It wasn’t a secret that the original singers didn’t always get along.

She grew apart from Florence Ballard and Diana Ross

Luckily, fans can read Wilson’s memoir, Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme to learn more about her. It highlighted some of the tension that was between the original members.

Wilson claimed Ross had her own dressing room separate from Ballard and herself. She also said she would dominate interviews with the press.

“Diane always liked to be the center of attraction,” she claimed, according to People. “If you happened to be in her way while she was going toward the center, that was your fault.”

The legend did an interview with The Guardian back in 2019. She discussed what her relationship with Ross was like then. Ballard already died in 1976.

“She grew up as Diane, and Florence grew up as Flo,” she said. “We’re friends but we don’t call each other constantly. We’ve grown apart, but it’s not because we don’t like each other.”

The singer continued, “My love for Flo and Diane is pretty much almost the same as for my sisters – we had so much together, we grew up together.”

Mary Wilson’s net worth

Wilson went on two release two solo albums, Mary Wilson in 1979 and Walk the Line in 1992. She also had one live album.

She then made money by telling her story in two books, one of them being Supreme Faith: Someday We’ll Be Together. Wilson also stayed in the public eye by competing on Dancing with the Stars for season 28. Her dance partner was Brandon Armstrong, and they were eliminated in the second week. The singer’s net worth was $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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