21 Lightweight Dresses That Will Have You Thinking, "Why Didn't I Buy This Sooner?"

21 Lightweight Dresses That Will Have You Thinking, “Why Didn’t I Buy This Sooner?”

Our Summer clothes have to be lightweight for two very important reasons. One, we’re moving around and doing things even though the temperature’s rising, and we need to be wearing clothes that keep us feeling comfortably cool. Two, we’re always traveling in the Summer, and we need to be able to fit as many extra outfits in our suitcase as possible; we’ve always got to have options. Heavy, thick fabrics are strictly forbidden in the Summer months, and we’ve found 21 gorgeous dresses that fit the bill perfectly.

From gorgeous silky silhouettes to classic cotton styles and seasonal linen picks, these are the dresses you’ll be able to go absolutely anywhere in this Summer. They’re perfect for traveling or lounging around the house, even though we’re of the opinion that you should show these picks off. They’re too stunning not to!

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