Addison Rae Jokes About the Unibrow She Had as a Kid: 'I Was Never Allowed to Pluck Them!'

Since shooting to TikTok superstardom last year, nearly everything in Addison Rae Easterling’s life has changed.

In less than a year, the former Louisiana State University student co-founded her own makeup brand, ITEM Beauty, launched a podcast with her mom (and fellow TikTok star!) Sheri Easterling entitled Mama Knows Best and was cast in the upcoming remake of She’s All That. But one thing has stayed the same through it all: the 20-year-old star's signature thick eyebrows.

Although Easterling's sought-after brows are mostly natural, the mega-influencer swears by her ITEM Beauty Brow Chow (a dual-ended, smudge-proof pencil that features an ultra-fine triangle tip for maximum precision) to define them — and tells PEOPLE that she has her mom to thank for keeping the full shape intact during middle school and high school.

“My dad has the thickest eyebrows ever. They're actually probably thicker than mine. So, I got those straight from him,” she says. "My mom plucked a lot of her eyebrow hair off in the '90s because it was a really big look to have the super thin brows. She was always like, 'Addison, you're not allowed to pluck yours because I know you'll want them thick again.'"

"So I was never was allowed to pluck them," Easterling reveals. "My mom was like, "Embrace the unibrow!”

Aside from her brows, the TikTok star and beauty lover has also become known for her spidery long eyelashes. Her secret? Blinking  — a lot! — during application.

"I start [applying mascara] at the inner corner and then I make my way out. And I blink a lot," Easterling — who created her own flake-free and smudge-proof lengthening mascara for ITEM Beauty called Lash Snack — explains. "I blink every coat because I feel it really pushes your lashes into the brush. Then, I'll go back through it and spread them out as much as I can, as much as I love the spider look and I stunt that all the time."

She continues: "Another thing I do to help them look thick and dark is I go behind my eyelashes and push them down. I do it once behind then back to the front…If you do a bunch of coats, it gets a little clumpy, which I don't have a problem with."

Her perfect brows and eyelashes require a little bit of TLC, but when it comes to her base makeup and eyeshadow, Easterling likes to keep it simple and choose products that "enhance her features."

"My mom has always told me, 'Don't kind of mask everything. Don't change the way you look, but enhance it and really make yourself feel confident in who you are by just bringing out those features,'" she says. "The best beauty tip is just use [makeup] wisely so that you can always enhance who you are and bring that out instead of trying to hide behind it.

"Just love yourself for who you are."

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