Celebrities Love These Eco-Friendly Leggings and Sports Bras — and the Brand Just Released a New Collection

Over the past year, I've watched myself switch from tugging on tight jeans every morning to spending the entire day lounging in activewear. If the last 12 months have taught me anything, it's that I'm particular about what kinds of leggings and sweatshirts I'll pull on — nothing itchy, too tight, or extremely high-waisted. So when I saw that a number of celebrities had been spotted rocking the same sustainable athleticwear label, I knew I needed to nab a set of my own to try out. 

The aforementioned brand is Wolven, a Los Angeles-based, eco-friendly athleisure company which touts Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Sophie Turner as fans. Wolven offers a slew of athleisure for men and women, including bold printed and neutral leggings, matching sports bras, swimsuits, joggers, and shorts. Each piece is designed with sustainability in mind, thanks to Wolven's mission to reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, the brand turns recycled, post-consumer bottles into colorful leggings, and each sale results in one pound of waste removed from the ocean. 

Ever since my pieces arrived from Wolven's new basics collection, I've let my other workout gear collect dust. The sports bra's ultra-soft fabric is comfortable against my skin and stretches as I move. Even if I sweat a lot, it dries quickly so I don't have to walk around in sopping wet apparel. Plus, I love how the bras are secretly reversible, so I can choose to wear a color-coordinated matching set or opt for a two-toned look. 

Wolven Workout Clothes

Shop now: $48; wolventhreads.com

Just like the sports bras, the leggings and bike shorts are breathable, complete with the beloved crossover waistband that Instagram and TikTok influencers have been seen sporting. The flattering crossed waistband is high-waisted, but not so high that I feel like I've yanked on a pair of maternity pants. Plus, the leggings and bike shorts are certified carbon-neutral, so you can actually feel good about your purchase.      

But you don't have to just take it from me. Reviewers are also obsessed with Wolven's pieces, noting that they "could live in these leggings" which they say feel "like butter." One shopper writes, "The leggings are literally the most comfortable I've ever worn. And I'm not trying to be dramatic. I get compliments when I wear these."

The leggings and sports bras are available in sizes XS through XL in a number of colors inspired by a spice cabinet, including a bright orange shade called turmeric, a dark turquoise thyme, and a burgundy chai. Shop the new basics collection, or test out some of the brand's celeb-approved pieces in bold and bright patterns. 

Wolven Workout Clothes

Shop now: $62; wolventhreads.com

Wolven Workout Clothes

Shop now: $98; wolventhreads.com

Wolven Workout Clothes

Shop now: $68; wolventhreads.com

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