Does lemon juice lighten hair? 5 steps for naturally lightening hair

Dianne Buswell shows off her bright orange hair

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Summer is nearly here, and with it often comes the desire for lighter hair. While the best method is to head to a hairdresser and get those highlights done professionally, some have turned to more natural methods to lighten their locks.

Lighter hair is often achieved in the hair salon with bleach or other chemicals, producing a reaction in your hair follicle.

Toners, shampoos and conditioners are then used to achieve the perfect look, however, some social media stars have turned to more natural methods for lighter hair.

While bleaching your hair at home may be a scary prospect and frowned upon by many salons, lemon juice could be an easier way to achieve a beachy light hair look without the risks of bleach.

This is because lemon juice contains citric acid, which is a natural lightening agent.

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Often citric acid is used in cleaning, especially when it comes to shifting stains or whitening fabrics.

It is also used for preserving foods or as a flavouring.

Some skincare products also contain citric acid to help lighten any dark or discoloured areas.

So grab yourself some lemons and read on for how to lighten your hair. 

How can you use lemon juice to lighten your hair?

  • You will need
  • Several lemons
  • Warm water
  • A spray bottle

1. First, squeeze your lemons to extract the juice. You can either squeeze them directly into the bottle or use a juicer.

2. You will need around two parts water to one part lemon juice, so add the desired amount of warm water to the bottle and mix.

3. Then simply spray the areas of the hair you want to lighten, or over your whole head if that’s the look you’re going for.

4. Next, sit in the sun to activate the lemon juice – this can be between one to two hours.

For any amount of time sitting in the sun make sure you apply sun cream regularly.

5. Finally, rinse out the lemon juice and voila, lighter, healthy hair.

While this method isn’t as invasive as bleach, it can cause your hair to become dry.

So make sure to take up to a month between lightening to ensure your hair stays its healthiest.

You can also invest in a good conditioner to return some moisture and shine to your hair after lightening.

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