Elizabeth Hurley, 55, Floats Happily In Her Pool Wearing A Bright, Blue Bikini — Watch

Elizabeth Hurley celebrated day six of her ‘pretend vacation’ with a sexy pool video. The ‘Austin Powers’ star floated in a $168 blue bikini from her swimwear brand.

For day six of Elizabeth Hurley‘s “pretend vacation,” the model shared a throwback video of herself happily floating in a pool. The 55-year-old Austin Powers star appeared to not have a care in the world as she glided down the pool steps in a bikini even bluer than the water. The swimwear set is from her own beachwear brand, Elizabeth Hurley Beach: it’s called the “Freya Bikini Aqua” set, and retails for $168!

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“Just floating in a magical pool in my aqua Freya Bikini on Day 6 of my #pretendvacation,” Elizabeth captioned her pool video. Fans raved over the graceful clip, leaving comments like “Beautiful Beauty in Blue” and “Always so gorgeous.”

Elizabeth has been uploading one throwback bikini post a day since Jan. 27, which is when she kicked off her “pretend vacation” (while actually quarantining safely in snowy London). “I’m so fed up with being at home, I’m pretending I’m away and am living vicariously through my camera roll for the next 10 days,” Elizabeth had explained underneath the inaugural “pretend vacation” post, which was a photo of the Estée Lauder global ambassador dancing on the beach in a tiny bikini.

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Since then, Elizabeth has wowed her 1.9 million Instagram followers with more fake vacation pictures such as this photo of herself rocking a leopard print bikini, and this video of the actress twirling in the Maldives. Not all the posts have been old mementos from tropical getaways, though; Elizabeth stripped to just a fur coat and bikini bottoms while posing in the snow for one of her recent Instagram posts!

No matter the season — or how old or new the photo is — one thing that remains constant is Elizabeth’s amazing physique. The model and actress admitted this past fall that her go-to fitness routine didn’t rely on weights or a gym, though. “When I had nine people locked down with me [in quarantine] — we were super active. We found that we could eat a lot and we firmed up just through activity — no exercise, just doing stuff,” she revealed in a virtual interview with Access in Oct. 2020.

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