Ex-retail worker reveals how to make fake Christmas trees look ‘bigger and fuller’ in an instant

WHILE fake Christmas trees can save you a bundle on buying a new one every year, after a few Decembers they can look a bit battered. 

But an ex-retail worker has revealed the secret to making your Christmas trees look ‘bigger’ and ‘fuller’ – and it will save your forking out for a new one. 

The worker films herself rearranging her faux fir, saying: “One thing I learned working in retail, put your Christmas tree branches two out one up, two out one up. 

“It will make your tree look bigger and fuller.”

She shared her handy tip on Tik-Tok, and her simple method sees the spruce restored to its former glory.

The clip, captioned ‘Christmas tree hack’, has already racked up more than 750,000 views. 

Her hack instantly makes the tree look nearly twice the size, and it’s so popular people have said they want to rearrange their own. 

Commenting on the clip, one person said: “If only I’d seen earlier today.” 

Another wrote: “You’re making me want to redo my tree. Never knew this. Thank you.” 

A third commented: “I needed this two hours ago.” 

Someone else thought: “I’m going to have to redo my tree.”

While this person added: “Thank you!! Doing mine on Tuesday and this is really helpful.”

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