Fresh-faced actress stuns TikTok viewers by revealing her REAL age – and claims loads think she’s 16

A FRESH-FACED beauty has shocked social media fans after revealing her real age, with many claiming she looks as young as 16.

In a video which has now gone viral, actress Tris Marie, from Branson, Missouri, revealed she is 40 and TikTok users are in disbelief.

The clip has now been viewed 2.4million times,and shows the young-looking Tris wearing a pink Barbie jumper with her hair pulled back to reveal her youthful complexion. 

At first she faces away from the camera and turns around flashing a subtle smile, before revealing she is 40-years-old – and captioning the clip: "In high school I looked like I was a kid."

The shocking reveal prompted many social users to comment on her age-defying looks, insisting she looks like-fresh-faced teenager.

One person posted: "No, you're not 40! You don't even look 30! Wow!"

2 posts in one day?! Lol! Here’s another “what I’m wearing” from head to toe:Hat: @hmGlasses: @oscardelarentaTop: @kendallandkylieShorts: @americaneagleBracelet: @louisvuittonBruise: because I bump into stuff all the time 🤣🤣💁🏼‍♀️

A post shared byTris Marie | Actress (@tris.marie) on

And a second added: "No way. I thought you were 22!"

While a fourth gushed: "She must be hiding the fountain of youth! You're so beautiful". 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Tris said: "People never believe me when I tell them my age. They assume that I’m lying for attention, which I’m not. I’ve had them guess my age ranging anywhere from 16-35. And most people assume I’m in my late 20s."

The actress admitted that she's always " looked young for my age" and thatwhen she was younger people would tell her she'd appreciate her youthful appearance.

Being at the gym makes me happy lol and I took a lot of silly pics cuz I am lovin that post workout glow ✨ ✨✨

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She also explained that, in her opinion,the key to looking younger is to start taking care of your skin from a young age – and to "live as happily as you can". 

She's also never smoked or had alcohol, which helps keep her looking young.

And another secret is allowing yourself to laugh a lot, even when times are tough, with Tris saying: "Even something as simple as watching a comedy can help boost your mood and I definitely believe your mood and keeping your stress down as much as possible helps me stay youthful."

She also told the publicationthat her youthful appearance helps her professionally because she can be cast as younger characters. 

She said: "I don’t think it’s hindered my acting career at all in fact, in many ways it gives me the advantage of having the looks to play a younger character, but the maturity And experience that comes in handy to play more challenging roles, and my agents are able to cast me in roles ranging anywhere from 20-30."

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