I asked five strangers to be my bridesmaids- people say it's weird but I knew I'd never speak to my wedding party again

WHEN it comes to choosing bridesmaids, we can't blame anyone for struggling to pick between their friends.

But instead of hurting the feelings of those nearest and dearest to her, one bride decided to pick five complete STRANGERS to be in her wedding party.

And we have to admit, it kind of makes sense when you hear her reasons.

In a series of viral TikTok videos, Danielle Haley explained how she was chosen be one of Alexis Coffey's bridesmaids – despite the fact they barely knew each other.

After moving to Texas in January, Alexis and her then-fiancé struggled to make friends as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Appearing in one of Danielle's TikTokS, Alexis said she knew she'd lose contact with her wedding party eventually – which is where the idea of getting strangers involved came from.

She said: "We moved here, we didn't know anybody and we figured that you don't talk to the people in your wedding party for the rest of your life anyways.

"[I met my bridesmaids] through Bumble, through the photographer and through being in our neighbourhood."

For her special day last week, Alexis had five ladies by her side to walk her down the aisle – including Danielle, who she only met two DAYS beforehand on Bumble BFF.

She told Insider: "They become strangers, so why not make them strangers from the beginning?"

Over the weekend, Danielle explained how she'd gone on the app to find someone to hang out with while her coursemateswere home for Spring break.

She said: "I swipe on this girl who is talking about her wedding and she starts telling me she needs a bridesmaid.

"And I was like, 'tell me more' and she did and asked 'will you be my bridesmaid?"

After Danielle accepted the offer, Alexis sent her the colour scheme of the wedding and directed her to shop where the other girls bought their dresses from.

"I would not have wanted it to happen any other way," Alexis added. "Everyone we found was so supportive and friendly. It was like we'd been friends for years."

Although some viewers found the set up "weird", others said it was the making of a "Netflix movie".

Quoting the bride, one replied: "'You don't talk to the people in your wedding for the rest of you life anyways'… SO FREAKING ACCURATE."

Another added: "Plot twist: the bride and her maids will become best friends and will vacation together every year for the rest of their lives."

A third wrote: "Wait. She didn't have friends from any other walks of life? That seems bizarre to me but awesome that she turned it into this cool situation."

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