I cut my bottom eyelashes off to look wide-eyed – I know that it's dangerous but I feel ugly if I don't do it | The Sun

A BEAUTY buff has revealed that she CUTS OFF her bottom eyelashes because she likes to have a wide-eyed look.

Carrie Madders takes scissors precariously close to her eye and snips off the wispy hairs.

She shared her “mascara hack” online but people were stunned at the revelation.

Eyelashes work as a protective barrier to the inner and outer eyes, as well as offer a protective barrier to stop foreign bodies getting in.

Having things in your eye can become a serious threat to your vision. 

However, Carrie is willing to take on the risks for the sake of looking doe-eyed.

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She said in a Tik Tok video: “I can’t be the only one who hates their bottom lashes.

“I feel like they close my eyes and add unwanted shadows.”

Carrie advised people not to try her hack, though.

She penned in another video: “I cut them because they get stuck to my top lashes and I like the open eye look better.”

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The beauty fan also admitted that she “feels so ugly with bottom lashes and bottom mascara”.

People “gasped” at the demonstration video Carrie uploaded and flocked to the comments to weigh in on the bold beauty move.

One penned: “They are supposed to protect your eyes.

“They aren’t just for beauty.”

Another quipped: “I’m not a fan of mascara on bottom lashes, but this is too much.”

Others questioned whether having no bottom eyelashes would be itchy.

Specsavers Optometrist Dr Nigel Best said: "We would discourage anyone from considering trimming their eyelashes.

"Not only do they form a protective barrier against small particles such as dust, sand or debris from entering and harming the eye, they are also highly sensitive.

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"And they provide a warning that an object may be too close to the eye.

"In this way they perform a similar function to that performed by whiskers on cats and dogs."

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