I found out my mum’s cheated on my stepdad with over 15 different men – now she’s making me keep it a secret

KNOWING someone is cheating on their spouse can put you in a very uncomfortable situation.

You might question whether you should tell them or if it's none of your business, but it's even harder to know what to do when it's one of your parents up to no good.

An 18-year-old girl has confessed on Reddit that her mum has cheated on her fiancé with at least 15 men over the past two and a half years and is contemplating telling on her.

The daughter, who is now facing a crossroads between family loyalty and doing the right thing explained that her stepdad was a great guy, kind hard-working and with a big heart.

She revealed that the two are now engaged, but throughout the course of most of their relationship her mum has failed to stay faithful.

"My mum's cheated on him with one of her exes and multiple, more than 15, other guys she’s met while in the relationship.

"I honestly don’t know how she hides it so well," the young woman wrote in a Reddit post.

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She described her mum's partner of three years as an amazing man and father-figure and that she "hates seeing him give her all her love and her just throw it away for a bunch of other random dudes".

Whilst the young woman had known about the affairs for some time, she said every time she has to lie for her mum she feels dreadful.

"I’ve told her it’s wrong and that I hate what she’s doing to him but she doesn’t care." She wrote.

She also said she wants to tell her stepdad as if she was in his position, she would want to know, but at the same time, does not want to damage her relationship with her mum.

She asked Reddit users for their advice, with many suggesting she come clean to her stepdad.

One user wrote: "Tell him so he can move on with someone else and stop wasting his life with your mum."

"If you tell him, there’s a chance you can still be friends since your mum clearly won’t confess. If you don’t tell him, and he finds out you not only knew and knew for years, he won’t talk to either of you," commented another person.

A third user replied: "If you tell him, ask he doesn’t say you told him when he confronts your mum."

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