I hate wearing bras so much I don’t own any – I’ve gone years without them and noticed a clear benefit | The Sun

A WOMAN who can't be bothered to wear a bra says she hasn't worn a proper one for several years.

She claims that there's a very noticeable long-term benefit to ditching one.

Taking to TikTok, the woman responded to the following question from a curious man: "Do y'all really hate wearing bras?"

"I sure as f*ck do!" the bra ditcher, who goes by @leblunt_ on social media, exclaimed. "I hate bras. Like I cannot explain my hatred for them."

She continued: "I have not owned one or wore one since 7th or 8th grade, and I've been out of school for five or six years. Like I'm 22."

"I HATE bras, the closest thing to a bra that I own is this single bralette," she said holding up a lacy black bralette. "That's it, only one too. And I've only worn it twice."

"No bras! No bras!" she chanted.

"And ever since I stopped wearing one, my [breasts] have gotten naturally perkier, because they are not relying on the bra to hold them up."

"My [breasts] are nice, okay," she further pushed her no bra stance.

Women in the comments section of her post understood exactly where she was coming from.

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"I NEVER wear them unless I like exercise or something," one person wrote.

"I only wear them when I go to work or I'm going out to like an event, but with friends and family and other things I don't wear em," a third said.

"Stopped wearing them last year and I’m soooo done with them!!" another person exclaimed.

"Girl I stopped wearing them like two years ago lol, pasties are my best friend," a final person added.

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