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A WOMAN who lives in a council house has taken to social media to address the misconceptions about her living situation.

The DIY whizz, who posts on TikTok under the username @abitofme123 has amassed 30k followers and 1.4million likes on the social media platform and regularly takes to the app to show off her stunning home renovation videos. 

Along with MDF on the wall to look like panelling and a chic wire ceiling light, there are stylish black sofas and cream accessories everywhere.

The bedrooms are beautifully done and this mum has now revealed her top eight tips for transforming a home, whilst keeping to a strict budget.

While this woman regularly shares videos showing off her impressive DIY home transformations, one of her most recent clips was slightly different.

And while the social media user receives a lot of positive comments on her videos, she also gets a lot of hate too.

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As a result, the woman decided to respond to the hate comments and tell the trolls the truth about living in a council property. 

Just four days ago, she shared a video with the caption ‘Lets just set the record straight here and now 💪’

She said: “Assumptions people make about council houses.”

She first responded to a comment that read: “Sorry not being rude but I don’t agree with council housing, people need to pay full rent like everyone else has to do” to which the social media user confirmed: “People do pay full rent!”

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Another comment from a troll read: “You should give this house to a Ukrainian refuge, after all it was built with taxpayers money” to which the woman noted: “Council tenants are also tax payers!”

Following this, the TikToker shared a comment that said: “Why would you even do up a council house, it’s just burning money” to which the woman explained “Council houses are bare! We have to do them up or live in an empty house.”

As well as this, one troll had commented: “Cool but does your garden remind you of the Tropics” to which the user responded: “Gardens look the same as any other house. In fact, they’re usually bigger!” 

Another misconception that the woman addressed was about getting things for free.

She shared a comment that claimed: “Should have no problem considering they get it for near on free” to which the woman simply said “Nothing’s free!” 

Many people could relate to the woman’s video and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Council rent is a lot higher than people think! I'd love to know what councils are doing with all this money!!” to which the woman responded “I agree! I know mortgages that can be less.” 

Another added: “Agree. I live in a council house. We try to make it a nice home and pay tax.” 

A third commented: “My first ever house from the council was so so bad! I can’t believe some of these comments.” 

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Whilst someone else noted: “People always forget you can actually buy your council house with a discount based on how long you’ve been a council tenant. Jokes on them 😂🥰”

Meanwhile, another user posted: “People are so shallow in their thinking… not everyone can save a huge deposit whilst working and bringing up kids.”

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