I quit a teaching job to start a beauty business– I made six figures in 6 weeks & now get twice my annual salary a month

A WOMAN has revealed how she quit her teaching job to start a beauty business during lockdown – and she claims it made six figures in six weeks.

London-based Maria Wilkes founded Candid Beauté in the pandemic, and business has boomed.

The beauty entrepreneur has racked up thousands of fans who are following the journey of her young business.

As well as selling lashes and beauty blenders, her most popular product is her £25.99 Powerbrow clear balm. 

On the website it says the beauty item “not only holds brows in place but will also visibly give a laminated and groomed effect for the illusion of thicker, bolder brows.”

In a video, she told fans to “chase their dreams and to never give up.”

Maria, who claimed in a clip “started my business during lockodwn and made my first six figures” also offered her top tips to starting a company.

The former Spanish teacher said she started out doing product and market research via Google Trends and AnswerThePublic.

Then she researched ingredients, designed packing and surveyed friends and family.

Next, she contacted suppliers and manufacturers and asked them for lead times. 

She advised to set a realistic budget for product development and marketing costs. 

Her fifth step was to register her business name, and her sixth was to make social media accounts for it and develop a following.


Maria then bought a domain and built a Shopify store.

She then did a marketing and Facebook ads course and learned email copywriting.

In another video she explained that she did put in £10,000 of savings to launch her beauty company, but she had no prior business experience.

Meanwhile, a teen has revealed how they were 18 when they started a business with £25 in lockdown – now it’s her full time job and she will have enough for a house.

And here are 10 things you need to know before starting your own business.

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