I quit fake tan and fell in love with my skin – people need to stop saying I'm too pale… it's not a bad thing | The Sun

A "PALE QUEEN" has said that embracing her natural skin has “never felt so good” after boycotting fake tan. 

Influencer Belle Christina turned her back on bottled tan to embrace her natural skin tone. 

She has been called a “vampire” and “ghost” but chooses to ignore negative comments. 

The 21-year-old has been fake tan free for over a year and plans to lather it on her skin again. 

Belle took to Tik Tok to share before and after clips of what she looked like when wearing fake tan compared to being pale now.

She penned in the caption: “Crazy! Minus the more obvious bruises, EMBRACING IT has never felt so good!”

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In a separate video, Belle shared her tips to ditching the beauty product and saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

Belle explained that people talk about being pale like “it’s criminal” and are always yearning to “get in the sun”.

She said: “The comments I hear are not helpful.

“But you just have to try so hard to look past it.

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“You might look like an egg for a little bit, but you get used to it.

“And yeah, people will make comments but everyone is beautiful, whatever skin tone you have, whatever body shape you have, is yours for a reason.

“So you shouldn’t try and change it.

“Like, is it that weird to the point you have to say, ‘ew, I look so pale’?

“Let’s stop making these comments.”

Belle added that she didn’t want to spend her Thursday nights scrubbing her skin in the shower and her weekends “standing around in orange paint” anymore. 

However, her decision to ditch fake tan has not come without trolling. 

Some suggested that her orange and brown patchy skin looked better than her natural tone. 

Fortunately, supporters of Belle’s “#IQuitTan” movement jumped to her defence.

One gushed: “You’re now radiating youth! 

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“I think light skin is just as beautiful as tan skin! 

“The natural colour always wins.”

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