I realised i'm been doing my hair wrong…there's a clip trick, it adds volume & saves a fortune on products | The Sun

WE are all looking at ways to save the pennies – and our beauty regime may just be one of those areas we would look to cut back on.

Which it’s why it’s great when beauty fans share their secrets – especially when you can get the same look for half the price, or even for free. 

Lauren Loois, who has over 334k TikTok followers, has revealed how she adds volume to her hair, without having to spend on hair products. 

The video, which has been viewed over 60k times, is captioned: “Claw clip root volume hack.” 

She then films herself demonstrating the trick.

First she starts off with having wet hair, which appears to have been brushed.

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She finally showed off the results which revealed a clear difference in the texture of her hairCredit: Tik Tok

She then gets a claw clip and grips it to the top of her head, over her parting, making sure she has got as much hair as possible held in the clip. 

Lauren then lets her hair dry with the claw clip in, before showing off the results. 

Appearing stunned to the camera, her hair was visibly different and showed lots more volume by her roots.

Many other beauty fans rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts and tips, as one wrote: “You can blow dry it with the clip on.” 

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And another wrote: “You can let it air dry with the claw clip in.” 

Someone else added: “I need to try this! My hair is so flat.”

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