I want face-to-face showdown with Meghan and Harry & will do ANYTHING to meet Archie and Lilibet, says Thomas Markle Jr

MEGHAN Markle's half-brother said he would do "anything" to meet Archie and Lilibet – as he demands a face-to-face showdown with the Sussexes.

Thomas Markle Jr, 55, wants to visit Harry and Meghan's £11million mansion in Montecito, California, to "give her a big hug and a kiss", he claimed.

In an interview amid his appearance on Australia's Big Brother VIP, Thomas Jr said he "overreacted" when he told the media he had warned Harry "very shallow" Meghan would "ruin" his life.

He hopes the Duchess of Sussex will watch the show and want to reconnect with his estranged half sibling.

Thomas Jr told New Idea Magazine: "I don't need a photo op to go see my sister and I don't want a story behind it.

"I don't want anything – I would just love to go over to their home and knock on their door, give her a big hug and a kiss and say I missed the hell out of her and apologise right to her face.

"Maybe one day that will happen.

"I'd do anything to see Archie and Lilibet."

Thomas Jr – the son of Meghan's dad Thomas and his first wife – said growing up with the future duchess was a "great experience".

He added: "We were very close, even though our families were, you know, living in different locations we still got together for the holidays and lots of quality time.

"I was thrown to the wolves with the popularity and the media with no experience.

"I was being backed into a corner, into a wall. I made some horrible mistakes and still regret them to this day."

Thomas Jr wrote a letter in 2018 in which he branded the couple's upcoming nuptials, a "fake fairy tale" and warned Harry his marriage to Meghan would be the "biggest mistake in royal wedding history".

Back in August this year, he claimed he'd warned Harry that "very shallow" Meghan would "ruin" his life.

He had previously described her as a "phony", a bully, and a "jaded, shallow, conceited woman."

Thomas Jr said: "Maybe I overreacted because the same exact thing happening to Meghan was happening to me.

"I reacted on some information got from some PR person at the palace that maybe didn't have anything to do with Meghan and she didn't even say it.

"But me being under so much pressure and hounded and harassed, all I wanted was them off my back.

"I love my sister, I always have."

I love my sister, I always have.

During an appearance in the show, Thomas Jr claimed Harry never smiles since marrying "cold" Meghan.

He branded the duchess "shallow" and said she will dump Harry, the same way she "walked all over" her first husband Trevor Engelson.

During the premiere of Big Brother VIP in Australia, Thomas Jr told his housemates: "Last time [I saw her] was at my grandmother's funeral in 2011, and she took off after that and went to Canada. We were close before. 

"Money changed her, money and fame went to her head really bad.

"I guess when you are introduced to the one per cent of society – that is most likely the reason that happened to her when she didn't have anything before."

Thomas Jr said he had "no idea" how Meghan ended up with a prince, and said she was "cold" towards her former husband Trevor.

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