I work at Tesco… there’s a sneaky Meal Deal hack most people don’t know, it’ll save you loads of cash in the long run | The Sun

A TESCO employee has revealed a Meal Deal hack that you probably weren't aware of – and it will save you loads of money in the long run.

As much as we'd like to arrive at work with a packed, homemade lunch, this is not always the case – life gets in the way and we forget to put our leftover spaghetti or salad in the lunch box.

This is where Meal Deal by Tesco comes in handy – the sandwich, snack and drink combo , which now retails for £3.50 after the supermarket upped the price, is a daily go-to for many.

And now one employee of the company has gone viral after sharing a money-saving hack when buying your lunch at the store.

Hannah Lowther, from Reading, took it to TikTok to reveal how customers can make the most out of the deal, without spending any extra cash.

''A little Tesco hack for you – when you buy your Meal Deal, our systems will automatically give you the best deal and make it the cheapest for you.''

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She went on to explain in the viral video: ''So for example, if you're buying like a £2.50 drink, lots of people are like 'Oh, I'm getting water as well. So can I pay for this separately? Cause I don't want that to come off with the Meal Deal'.''

According to the employee, who also claimed you can get free Bags for Life, this is unnecessary.

''You don't have to do that – because our systems will automatically give you the most expensive items in the Meal Deal.

''I don't know if people know this.''

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She proceeded to share another tip: ''And also, if you buy a Reduced sandwich, people think that's not in the Meal Deal.

''But the Reduced sandwiches are in Meal Deal – if it's still going to be cheaper for you to get the Meal Deal.''

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With close to 630,000 views, the clip has gone viral on social media, with many Tesco customers thanking Hannah for revealing the trick.

One TikTok user commented: ''Good to know, always thought it was the cheapest items that went towards it.''

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Another penned: ''This was actually really helpful.''


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