I work in NICU – these are the most bizarre baby names I’ve heard in the delivery suite

LET'S be honest – the majority of us have had our baby names picked out and ingrained in our minds since we were kids. 

As much as you will love the name you have picked for your child, it might not be everyone else’s cup of tea. 

Some people prefer to play it safe with their baby names and choose conventional names such as ‘Steve’ and ‘Katy’. 

But others like to go a bit more left-field and give their child a name that none other has. 

One woman has taken to TikTok to reveal the most bizarre baby names that she has ever heard, and it’s safe to say that they are definitely different… 

Kirsten Herkert is a NICU nurse and has revealed the two strangest names that she has heard in the delivery room.

A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a hospital ward or department equipped and staffed to provide intensive care to dangerously ill or premature newborn babies.

A NICU nurse monitors the vital signs of the more seriously ill or premature infants day and night to make sure they are breathing and developing properly. 

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They also administer medications, record the newborn's progress and recovery, change diapers, and calm babies in distress.

Kirsten did a duet with Doctor Carlton to answer this: “Tell me the most unfortunate name you’ve ever heard.” 

Kirsten explained: “So I’m a NICU nurse and at my last job there was a baby that was named DaVan, because he was conceived in Da Van.”

If you thought naming your child after the location they were conceived was weird then there’s stranger coming.


Kirsten continued: “Then there was another one and his name was spelt Hxyvynn, so go ahead and try and say that…

“The proper way to say it was Haven (typically a girl’s name) and the x and the y (boy chromosomes) was because it was a boy…obviously…” 

It’s safe to say that we haven’t heard these baby names before…

One person commented on Kirsten’s video and said: “Hxyvynn… good lord.” 

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