I’m a Dollar Tree super fan & the store’s launched its best-ever product – you can use it to organize so many things | The Sun

GENIUS ways to organize your home are becoming more easily assessable thanks to Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree is selling a new set of items that will ultimately change the way you keep your belongings sorted.

Bargain hunter and Dollar Tree super fan Bethany posted a video on YouTube detailing how she uses one of Dollar Tree's excellent new line of items.

She says Dollar Tree is now selling pegboard systems with accessories in two colors: black and white.

In order to properly use the pegboards, you can screw them directly into your wall or use adhesive ranks to keep them in place.

Using the adhesive packs means you won’t be making holes in your walls, and Dollar Tree sells them in four-packs for $1.25.

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Bethany uses a leveler to measure out the placement of her pegboards to make sure they’re being lined up as straight as possible.

Another item Bethany discovered from Dollar Tree to go along with the pegboards is square-shaped trays.

The trays are incredibly easy to use since they snap right into place across the pegboard.

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In Bethany’s video, she showcases the way she uses the pegboard to hold up her paint bottles, colorful paper, and scissors.

Other sections of her pegboard are dedicated to ribbons, rulers, colored pencils, and more.

Pegboard hooks are also available at Dollar Tree to make your organizational life a little easier.

Pegboard hooks are sold in six-packs for $1.25, Bethany says.

She also mentions another style of silver ring hooks that can be added to pegboards to hold onto items such as vinyl.

Bethany's comment section is filled with Dollar Tree shoppers who are more than impressed.

One person wrote: “Those pegboards would be great for organizing jewelry. You can use the small hooks to hang necklaces, the longer hooks for bracelets, and the shelf for rings. You can really great ideas.”

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Another person wrote: “Wow, Bethany! You made those pegboards and accessories look like you brought in an interior designer!”

A third person added: “OMG Bethany. You have the best display of a pegboard system I have seen thus far. Thank you!”

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