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SOCKS with sandals, showing off your bra and exposed thongs are all fashion blunders that have become stylish (to some), but there are some mistakes that will never be trends. 

When it comes to buying clothes or accessories there are certain steps you take before wearing them.

For example, you wouldn’t keep the plastic hanging bag on a dress and think it was a rain repeller, or keep the tissue paper stuffing in your shoes. 

But your outfit preparations shouldn’t stop there, but hundreds of people do, and it's a huge signal that screams you don’t know how to get yourself dressed. 

Here, Fabulous' Fashion Editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals the simple mistakes that prove you know nothing about fashion. 


When you buy a new coat or jacket you may notice an ‘X’ on the hem at the back. 

If you’ve kept that in place, you’re showing everyone who walks past you that you have no basic knowledge about style. 

What do you think it's for? A cute little detail or an actual target on your back?

No, you’re definitely not meant to keep it there. 

The X stitched in with a single thread is purely there to keep the coat or jacket in the correct shape or packaging, shipping or hanging before it's worn. 

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If you didn’t know this, don’t worry you’re not alone. Even Meghan Markle has made the blunder before. 


Similar to the X stitching, you may have noticed on men's and women's clothes tags on the cuffs of sleeves that can sometimes say “100 per cent wool” or “Made in Italy”, these are meant to be removed. 

It isn’t similar to a brand logo and is something to show off but acts as a marketing tool to entice you to buy it.

And “real” tags are the same. 

Often seen on shoes and bags “real leather” or “real suede” tags are just to show you that what you're buying has been made with a luxury fabric. 

Keeping these tags on is almost like keeping the price tag on, showing off what you are wearing was expensive. 

So if in doubt, snip it off. 


Belted dresses, jumpsuits, tops, jackets and coats are a perfect hack for cinching in and showing off your waist, but they can come with hidden style traps. 

While most styles come with belt loops there are some that come with self-belt threads that can barely carry the weight of the belt. But you are not meant to keep these ties. 

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The loops are only on the side of your item of clothing to keep the belt in place so that when it's hanging in a shop the belt isn’t misplaced. 

By all means, keep them for when you’re hanging your clothes at home but when you’re wearing the belt, make sure it's outside of the loops so you don’t look like you know nothing about fashion. 

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