I’m a fashion expert – the 6 things that make you look cheap – & why you should NEVER keep your hairband on your wrist | The Sun

LOOKING expensive often comes down to the finer details of your appearance.

Luckily, one fashion guru has revealed the six common mistakes you are making that often downgrade your outfit and makes you look cheap.

Anastasia, a Canadian fashion blogger, revealed the fashion no-nos in a TikTok video on her account, anaskid.

The fashion pro's first victim was long, loud acrylic nails, which always make you look cheap.

She said: "To me, they look like you are in desperate need of attention."

Next is wearing jeans or other clothing with rips in them – whether it's on purpose or not.


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"They give an impression that you don't care enough about yourself.

"I understand that sometimes, or always, you want to be lazy and comfortable and it's hard to be a woman but trust me, those really look cheap," Anastasia added.

And the fashion guru explains that wearing a hair tie on your wrist should never be done if you want to look classy.

The expert said: "It's not a piece of jewellery, it's not supposed to be on your wrist all the time."

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Although lash extensions are popular, Anastasia said that extremely long false eyelashes make you look cheap, adding 'I know it is personal preference but we are not brooming a floor here.'

The 90's fashion trend of colourful beaded jewellery seems to be everywhere at the moment, but it's a trend that shouldn't stick around according to Anastasia.

"Expensive jewellery is meant to compliment your outfit, not overpower it," she adds.

Lastly, Anastasia warns that wearing a foundation that is a completely different colour to your skin tone totally downgrades your appearance.

The video has since gone viral racking up over 400k views, and many took to the comments to share their opinions.

One wrote: "Ugh knew the lashes were coming I wanna get mine off."

"Maybe you should’ve said things that MAY make you appear “less classy”..not cheap. Bc long acrylics cost," another user wrote.

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A third penned: "the long acrylic nails always say “I got money” to me because damn they be expensive!"

Meanwhile, a fourth user said: "I have to say l agree with all of it."

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