I'm a grandma at 50 but look way younger – people always think I'm in my 20s and say my daughters look older than me

LOOKS can certainly be deceiving at times but this grandma has people fooled completely with many thinking she's decades younger.

Albina Mart claims to be 50-years-old with two daughters who are 25, but her age-defying beauty has her passing off as someone in her 20s.

Not only is she allegedly a mum of two girls in their 20s, but she's a grandma too, she claims – and people can hardly tell who's who.

In one clip posted on her TikTok page, Albina is dancing around in circles before her daughters join her, and she reveals their ages.

"My daughters made me a grandma," she wrote admitting she wants at least ten.


People in the comments were shocked to learn that Albina is 50 years old and instead say she looks "so much younger."

"50??? I thought you were 20?," one exclaimed.

"Ain't no way you're 50. You look so much younger," said another.

Many were in disbelief with one questioning: "Why they look older than her?"

The mum shared another clip in response to the comments and confirmed she is "way older" than 20.

But insists that she sometimes feels like she's 20 and was thankful for the comments.

Meanwhile, this woman says, 'I work in construction but I’m so good looking no-one ever takes me seriously – they think I’m the tea girl.'

And thsi woman says, 'I’m grey at 30, I used to feel ‘shame’ now I let it grow naturally, people say it’s for ‘old’ people but I don’t care.'

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