I’m a lash extension specialist – these are the worst lashes I’ve ever seen on a customer, even the glue was all wrong

EYES are the nipples of the face, so a mess up on that area can be VERY noticeable.

A beauty expert shared a Tiktok, which showed the WORST lash extensions she has ever seen.

Poppi Kemp, a lash extension expert, shared the bad lashes and wrote: "The client came to me with the worst lashes I've ever seen."

The video has racked up nearly 180k views, as fellow beauty fans share their reactions to the painful looking procedure.

From Orpington, Bromley, she admitted: "These are officially the worst lashes I've ever seen! How can people do this to someones lashes!!!"

The 20 second video was all that was needed to see the damage that the previous salon had caused, as she explained: "No isolation at all and the wrong glue was used."


Eyelash isolation is one of the most important steps in applying lash extensions.

To do it properly, lash artists usually have to use two tweezers; one to isolate the natural lash and one to apply the eyelash extension to the natural lash line.

Lashes that are not properly isolated can damage the hair follicle.

To fix the issue, Poppi said that she: "Added some remover to try and get these off."

She told viewers that this is: "What happens when you don't invest in a good lash tech girls! Appalling!"

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The expert then said: "I added some remover and managed to get them all off."

Poppi then applied a light and fluffy set freshly isolated for her client.

Fresh isolated set applied, she wrote, sharing a snap of the new lashes she applied which looked a million times better and healthier than the previous state of the poorly done lash extensions.

The end result may have been beautiful but commenters couldn't help but empathise with the painful process, saying: "I feel the pain."

Many couldn't help but say' ouch' in reaction, saying: "I know that must have hurt her sm.(so much)"

Viewers knew that this is what happens when you go for cheaper beauty treaments as they said: "That's how it is when you go to a nail shop and get $30 lashes put on.

"Deff went to a nail salon," realised another.

Ultimately, more expensive treatments are worth the money, as: "You get what you pay for."

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