I'm a member of the itty bitty committee – we all struggle with a specific gap, but I've solved the problem with a bra | The Sun

FINDING the perfect bra can be difficult as there are so many different styles to choose from.

Influencers have taken to TikTok to rage about undergarments that leave too much skin showing.

Fashionista Jazmin (@jazzyminaa) has claimed she’s found a bra that has solved her problem.

The influencer revealed that she is a proud member of the itty-bitty committee.

Jazmin, who was sporting a bra with straps, told fans in a viral video: “I know my girlies struggle with this gap right here and we always try to adjust it and pretend we can fill it up.”

She revealed that a strapless bra she bought from the fashion brand Pepper is a “game changer.”

Jazmin, who bought the undergarment in size 34B, fell in love with the item and raved that there was no gap.

She said: “There’s literally no gap and I’ve never had a bra like that.”

The small-chested mom revealed that the bra was a “win” and she gushed over how comfortable the lingerie is on.

Jasmin said that the bra felt secure and was confident that it wouldn’t slide down.

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She added: “It has the rubber lining so this momma right here ain’t moving anywhere.”

Fellow TikToker Denise  (@deniseduran05) is also a huge fan of Pepper’s undergarments.

At the beginning of a clip, she said: “This is for the queens with small boobies like mine.”

Denise added: “Look at how amazing it fits. There’s absolutely no gap in the cups. You can tell when I bend over.”

The cups looked as if they were glued to her chest, and the thick band at the bottom meant the bra stayed put.

She added: “I could literally jump in this, and the bra is not going anywhere.”

But, not all influencers want to splash the cash on a new bra.

One model, who has small boobs, has claimed her bikini hack helps enhance her chest.   

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