I’m a single mum and there are THREE really rude things people always say to me – how many are you guilty of?

A SINGLE mum has taken to TikTok to bemoan the "annoying" things that people always say to her.

Bee, who gave birth to daughter August in March, has created a video series of all the rude things that she faces on a daily basis – and she's up to three so far.

"We didn’t invite you as thought you’d be uncomfortable being the only one with a baby," is the first that Bee frequently hears.

"This annoys me so much," one person wrote in the comments.

While another added: "Hate people like this."

"Had only a few friends before babies.. now my friends are other mums (they’re much better friends!)," a third wrote.

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Bee's second "annoying thing" is when other mums tell her that they are "basically a single mum when my husband goes to work".

Once again, Bee's video sparked a slew of comments, with one writing: "Solo and single are 2 different things people!"

"It’s lone parenting… my husband was military so I parented alone but I wasn’t single," another added.

"I had his wage and his emotional support… VERY DIFFERENT!!"

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"Being a mum, with it being single parent, or married is hard regardless," a third weighed in.

"I’ve done both."

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And the third rude thing Bee is regularly told is that she doesn't "look like a single mum".

"What are we supposed to look like? Is there a specific look?" she wondered in her video.

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