I’m in my 30s but people accuse me of being 50 & say I should have tanned less – it’s so cruel

A WOMAN has bravely hit back at all the cruel comments she has received after revealing she was in her 30s.

When Clare Dudley, 36, revealed her age on TikTok she was met with a barrage of messages from trolls insisting she looked more than a decade older.

The woman, who has 41,000 followers on the site, has gone on to call out some of nasty things people have written to her.

One social media user told her: "I love your videos but still shocks me you're in your 30s."

In a viral post, Clare replied: "I know what year I was born. I was born in 1984."

Another person wrote: "Omg 1984, it's not possible. I am 40 years old and I look like your daughter. I was sure your were 55-60 years old."

Some of the comments off women are disgusting

A third shared: "You look older than me and I'm nearly 48."

And a fourth added: "I think it's because you tan too much!"

Speaking to the camera in another clip, Clare said: "Some of the comments off women are disgusting."

In a third post, directly speaking to the trolls, she insisted: "Show me a picture of you with no make-up on and no filter on, and then come at me. Until then, shut it."


Her response to the cruel comments has been widely praised by social media users.

One told her: "I don't understand, you're beautiful – what they on about?"

Another said: "You tell them. You're so real, I love you!"

A third shared: "What is wrong with these people. You look great."

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