I'm on a mission to transform my council house – I only spent £50 on my kitchen & I'm obsessed with how it turned out | The Sun

A CRAFTY DIY whizz has revealed how she transformed her council house kitchen with just a £50 budget.

Home transformations can be an expensive project – but one woman, TikTok user Natasha Lawson (@natashalawson20), managed to give her kitchen a brand new look using just £50.

Natasha, who lives in a council home, has been on a mission to transform the property, documenting the journey on TikTok.

So far, she's updated her bathroom and some parts of the kitchen, using bargains from Primark.

Now, to complete the kitchen renovation, Natasha showed her 55.5k fans how she made the worktop look loads better.

''This is Day 3 of transforming the kitchen with a £50 budget from B&M,'' the crafty woman said in the video.

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To give the bench a fresh appearance, Natasha grabbed shiny vinyl with a wooden print and cut off a big chunk in a rectangular shape.

Armed with the right tools, the young TikTok user then took off the metal edges and screws, before seeing how the vinyl would fit.

After measuring it all out, Natasha flipped the material to the other side to cut the right size.

''This is what I love about these [vinyl sheets] – cause it has little grids on, so you can literally just cut a straight line all the way through.

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''Just makes it so much easier.''

Happy with the size, Natasha then proceeded to peel off the sticky part and applied the big sheet of vinyl, using a debit card along the way.

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''This was so much easier than the cupboards. I honestly thought that it would be a lot harder.''

She went on to rave about the bargain buy, saying: ''I think this material is a lot thicker as well, so the bubbles didn't really come up.

''I was so happy with how it turned out […]. I'm absolutely over the moon with it, it just looks so nice.''

After repeating the same process for the second worktop under the boiler, Natasha was stunned by the results – and so were the people on social media.

''That looks so good what a difference,'' one fan exclaimed.

Another agreed, adding: ''well done you, you should be so proud!''

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''Your [you're] doing a fantastic job on your home,'' a third praised.

Someone else thanked: ''This is the vinyl I’ve been looking for!! Will have to go b&m!''

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