I’m plus-size and bought a whopping New Look haul – the swimwear was a let down and I’m really not sure about the sizing | The Sun

FINDING good swimwear when you're plus-size can be a total nightmare.

That's exactly what Elly, who posts as @lux_island on TikTok, discovered when she tried on a few bikinis and holiday looks from New Look.

The first bikini Elly tried on seemed pretty promising, the high-waited bottoms and matching top looked super flattering at first glance.

But there was one major issue with sizing the fashionista couldn't ignore.

Not only were the bikini bottoms tiny, but they were a size 22 meaning they should've fit Elly perfectly.

That said, the matching top, which is sold separately, "fit like a dream," she added.


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She especially liked the fact the top comes with removable padding if you don't want any extra bulk.

"It's very supportive, I love these thick straps and I also like how it's like a bra at the back," Elly continued.

The next bikini top was a total let down though and had zero support.

Elly said: "The actual fit of the bikini is in the bin worthy, it is making me feel like sh*t and if you're a size 22 you're probably going to have a bit of fat on you're back, so we need back support."

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The bikini's back band wasn't nearly thick enough to give Elly to support and comfort she wanted, leaving her annoyed since she loved the print so much.

"I've came to the conclusion that New Look can't do curve swimwear, sorry they can't. They need to revaluate and get someone else in because this is ridiculous," Elly said trying on a third bikini top.

Whilst the last bikini was too loose and didn't have enough support, the third was far too tight.

She wasn't impressed with the matching bottoms either, leaving her no choice but to try on the rest of the holiday accessories in an ASOS bikini she already owned.

On the bright side, the black sarong looked great and despite being a one size fits all, it was plenty big enough to satisfy the fashion fan.

The classic beachwear only costs £9.99 as well, making it a total bargain.

It turns out Elly wasn't the only person who had issues with New Look's swimwear sizing.

Commenting on Elly's video, one viewer said: "I bought a bikini from New Look last week, size 16, top was too big and bottoms were tight and loose at the same time."

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