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A WOMAN who has spent more than £100,000 transforming herself into a real-life Barbie with 34J boobs says she's far from done with cosmetic ops.

Surgery addict Konstantia Dimola, 40, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, dreams of having the "biggest boobs in the world" and gets her lip fillers topped up every month.

The model has had five boob jobs, liposuction on her "fat" ankles, a nose job, face contouring, eye lift, non-surgical face lift and fillers in her lips and cheeks in her quest to become a living doll.

In total, she has forked out a whopping £116,722 on her drastic transformation.

Despite loving her plastic look, Konstantia claims strangers abuse her in the street, with some cruelly dubbing her a "monster" or "zoo animal", but it doesn't deter her.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, she revealed: “When I was five years old, I used to look at my Barbie doll and wish I was her.

“I loved her perfect curves and how attractive she was.

“Over the last few years, people abuse me in the street for the way I look, but I love my body and that is all that matters.”

Konstantia is far from done with surgery – with dreams of another nose job, Brazillian butt lift and further boob jobs all on her wish list.

I'm never, ever going to stop getting plastic surgery. All my money goes towards my transformation and it's completely worth it

She said: “I'm never, ever going to stop getting plastic surgery.

“Some women pay for holidays, mortgages and weddings.

“All my money goes towards my transformation and it's completely worth it.

“I know the way I look is not to everyone's taste, but I honestly don't care.

“I don't do this for anyone else but myself. It makes me happy and I can’t wait to become the ultimate doll.”

As a teenager, Konstantia saved all of her waitressing money to fund her surgery – finally going under the knife aged 22.

She forked out £5,000 on a boob job, which took her from a 32C to a 32D, but was far from satisfied with her curves – getting four more ops to take her to a huge 34J.

Konstantia, who is single and has spent £21,000 on breast surgery, said: “I really wanted gigantic boobs.

“It was my dream to have the biggest boobs in the world, so when I had my first boob job, it wasn't enough.

“When I paid another £4,000 to become a size 32E in 2002, they were rock hard.

“So the following year I had free corrective surgery to soften them.”

Konstantia's surgery breakdown

5 boob jobs: £21,000

Nose job: £2,672

Eyelift: £3,118

Lipsuction on ankles: £1,336

Lip fillers: £1,871

Cheek fillers: £3,207

Face contouring: £3,563

Non-surgical face and neck lift: £3,563

Nose filler: £267

Eyebrow tattoos: £623

Spray tans: £8,018

Hair extensions every 3 months for 15 years: £60,000

Acyrlic nails: £7,484

TOTAL: £116,722

Determined to achieve her dream of becoming a living doll, Konstantia saved every penny she earned from modelling and continued to go under the knife.

By far the biggest expense has been her hair extensions, which she's forked out £60,000 on over the years.

She said: “I wanted to create what I thought looked amazing and desirable to men – a tiny waist, complete with huge lips and huge breasts.

“Then I decided to work on my face and splashed out £2,672 on a nose job and £3,118 on an eye lift.

“I thought my ankles looked too fat, so I even paid £1,336 for liposuction on them.

“I was soon becoming what I had envisioned myself to be – the perfect Barbie girl.”

Now Konstantia has lip fillers injected once a month and cheek fillers every six months – despite official advice stating you should only top up every six to 18 months.

She also gets face contouring – which includes fillers in her jawline, forehead and chin – every six months.

The buxom blonde tops it off with non-surgical face lifts and neck lifts, eyebrow tattoos, hair extensions and copious amounts of spray tans and long acrylic nails.

Despite feeling beautiful, Konstantia says strangers aren't always fans of her surgically enhanced look.

One lady approached me and said that I was a monster. It was horrible and it really upset me

She said: “When I go out shopping, strangers scream at me. They called me ‘ugly', ‘disgusting’, ‘hideous' and lots of awful names.

“Once, one woman nudged her family and pointed at me, saying I looked like a zoo animal.

“Another lady approached me and said that I was a monster. It was horrible and it really upset me.

“These people forget I have feelings and that I am also human, just like them.

“What upsets me the most is when I’m out with my sister and she has to witness people abusing me.

“Thankfully she’s supportive of my love for surgery. Other times people have praised my Barbie look, and they have loved it.”

In June 2016, Konstantia started Instagram and Twitter accounts to showcase her new body and celebrate her doll look.

She became a hit online and gained 5,000 followers in just one week – using hashtags like #barbie and #bimbo.

Konstantia said: “All I did was upload a photo of myself and people from around the world began following me.


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“It turned out my look was actually a huge fetish for men. I had nothing to lose, so I kept posting pictures online. I love the attention."

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