Jennifer Garner Can't Stop Wearing This Extremely Hated Winter Trend

I, like most people, have an extreme visceral reaction (hate) to the site of puffer vests. Especially if they're by Patagonia, worn with a blue button down, and spotted on a banker walking down Wall Street. I just can't help it. It is something so deeply ingrained in me that I feel myself cringe at the sight of one before I can even process my emotion. Whenever my sister's boyfriend wears one, she prepares me before I see him. "He's wearing the vest, just so you know." Ugh.  

The internet, like in most instances, is part of the problem. It's trained me to immediately see this accessory as the "Midtown Uniform," a look beloved by finance bros everywhere. And it's hard not to poke fun at the look when you realize it. There's even an Instagram devoted to this phenomenon, and more internet think pieces dedicated to the topic than I can count. But celebrities like Jennifer Garner, and supermodels like Hailey Bieber are reclaiming the Midtown Uniform as their own. They're making puffer vests cool again, as only someone as beautiful and famous as them could. 

Naturally, Bieber's puffer vest was a $3,100 one by Bottega Veneta that matched her $1,900 Bottega mini croissant bag. Garner, on the other hand, keeps it a little more realistic for our budgets, and often opts for an on-sale Xirena puffer for $130 that's since sold out, worn with her favorite TikTok trend, leg warmers. Kim Kardashian famously wore an oversized Balenciaga puffer vest that was longer than most of our coats last year. Style trailblazer Dua Lipa has been working hard on the puffer vest revival since September of 2020, too. 

Honestly, I'm starting to think this celeb acceptance of the once-hated trend is a good thing because puffer vests really are a winter essential that'll be great for when the seasons transition. What do you wear when you're not too hot or not too cold? A puffer vest is truly the perfect solution. And if it's extremely cold, they work great under or over a jacket as an additional layer. 

Plus, I'd be lying if I said this adorable floral embroidery vest by Sandy Liang hasn't been on my wish list for years. Area also makes a $2,200 one with embellished crystal fringe that promptly sold out at Nordstrom, and even though it's extremely out of my price range, I find myself dreaming of it often. As for what I'll realistically buy, Nordstrom has so many good options on sale, like this one by Sam Edelman for $100. I guess if all of Hollywood can wear the Midtown Uniform, I can at least give it a try. 

Shop the best puffer vests below, and get ahead of what's bound to be one of 2022's most controversial trends. 

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