Joe Migraine Shares How He's Amassed One of the Largest Collections of Supreme Accessories

For Detroit native Joe Migraine, the art of collecting is a past-time that’s been instilled in him since youth. The hunt for baseball cards of the day enthralled him as a child, and as he matured, so did his taste for what he amassed. Rising into adulthood, Supreme accessories rekindled his child-like fondness for the hobby, but the impatience that ruled these habits as a kid was replaced by thoughtful forbearance and a little bit of strategy. In fact, building his self-made archive doesn’t necessarily yield instant gratification. In this way, he embodies a DIY collector’s spirit, understanding that its not about taking the losses too seriously, and instead invest in the process and have faith that things will come one’s way eventually.

“Having a chase, having a hunt, having a journey, having something to look forward to — that’s what keeps me going,” says Migraine, who often travels on a whim if means getting one of the Supreme accessories he’s had his eye on. For him, the collection of skate decks, basketballs, figurines, home goods and everything in between serves as a history lesson, showing the progression of a brand over the years. More than that, each piece is indicative of a moment in time. “What Supreme puts out is what the streets like and what the streets want,” he says. In that way, his collection serves as a timeline for one of the most prominent brands in streetwear culture.

Check out the video above as Joe Migraine pulls back the curtain on what goes into getting a coveted grail and shares his extensive collection of Supreme accessories.
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