McDonald’s fans baffled after discovering its tables have a secret function | The Sun

MCDONALD’S fans have been left baffled after realising their tables have a secret feature they never knew existed.

A woman uploaded a video showing how their circular tables can be extended to make two longer tables or even lifted up to make standing height ones.

UK-based TikTok user @jottiesjournal wrote: “I was today years old when I realised McDonald’s tables do this.

“Mind blown.

“They have been in my store for years and I never realised.”

In the clip her friend demonstrated how there are actually two circular tops on some of their tables.

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She was able to swivel the top circle round to extend the table, and was also able to lift it up too.

Many people were shocked at the discovery.

One said: “Well I’ve just learned something new.”

Another added: “I never knew this!” to which the woman replied: “I’m obsessed, realised after we were all squished on one.”

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A third person commented: “we have these on France too and it's super useful when you're disabled because you can move the table to transfer easily on the seat or adjust the height for people in Electric wheelchair that are sometimes higher than table height.”

And one wrote: “not all the McDonald's.”

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