Mom shows off her nighttime routine to get her son sound asleep in minutes without fussing and fighting

THERE are plenty of parenting groups out there where sleepless mothers discuss just how to put their kids down to bed without too much effort.

Well, mom Lauren Mejia showed how she's able to get her son ready to sleep without any tantrums.

In her video, she claimed she has been able to establish a nighttime routine since he was born which is why he usually doesn't fight his bedtime.

The first thing they do together is set up a white noise machine that will only be as loud as the sound of the water running in the shower.

Secondly, they read a book together but only in his room to help him wind down.

But it was not just the routines that helped her son fall and stay asleep for longer, but the products she kept by.

Lauren revealed she has blackout curtains on her son's window to not only help him sleep longer but to keep the room dark during nap time.

Additionally, she wraps him up in a weighted baby sack to helps him relax similar to a weighted blanket for adults.

Lastly, the mother of one suggested that you should only put your child down to sleep when they're drowsy, never when they're fully awake.

Annie Simpson, co-founder of Infant Sleep Consultants, had previously warned about the excessive use of white noise machines.

White noise is often advised for improving children’s sleep, but if it’s too loud or used too often, it can have the opposite effect.

“There has actually been research to show white noise can disturb sleep,” Annie explained to The Sun.

“If you imagine when you’re coming into your lighter sleep, almost a wakeful state, what you don’t want is your brain to kick in thinking, ‘what’s that noise?’

“Where I feel white noise can be useful is in the evenings when you’re cooking, emptying the dishwasher, or chatting on the phone, just to give you that confidence.”

Using white noise can risk training your children to wake at the slightest sound, so Annie advises using it sparingly and only ever to help kids get to sleep initially – never through the night.

She added: “If you are going to use it, I would make sure it’s far from the bed and not played very loudly.”

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