Mum horrified by amount of 'gross' dirt lurking in her NEW washing machine & shares easy way to get it spotless

IT is the very thing that gets our clothes super clean, however, mums are discovering just how dirty their washing machines really are.

One woman in particular was horrified by the amount of 'gross' dirt lurking in her appliance, which she said is pretty much new, and people are shocked.

The Sydney mum decided to give the popular cleaning method a go which involves chucking a few dishwasher tablets inside the machine on a hot cycle.

Mums first discovered the trick after it was shared in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, but after resurfacing in a clip on TikTok, the woman decided to try it on her own machine.

The woman set her empty front loader to a temperature of 95 degrees and at the quickest speed of 1400, which gets the best results.

To her disgust, she was stunned by the amount of filthy water lurking in her recently bought machine which has turned completely brown in colour.

"Ummm so I don't know whether to be disgusted or super happy but saw it on TikTok and thought why not," she wrote on Facebook and shared snaps of the filthy results.

"My machine is not old at all and doesn't have any grease type (mechanics) clothes go through it just the two adults [and] three kids…..gross," she added.

Hundreds of cleaning-obsessed mums rushed to the comments and shared their disgust, but they were eager to try it themselves.

One person claimed the hot cycle works best compared to a cold cycle because "dishwashing tablets need hot water to activate".      

"Love it! I do that to mine once a month. It's mind blowing thinking your clothes actually swim in all that!" another wrote.

By using the dishwashing tablets instead of regular detergent, you can break down smaller dirt particles and remove stains more easily.

For this specific LG brand, the LG Help Library suggests using this method also, but they recommend dissolving two to three dishwasher tablets in a bucket of hot water first then pouring directly into the barrel to avoid damaging the machine.

The brand says the tactic is a good way to eliminate "scrud" – the waxy build-up inside a washing machine that can occur when fabric softener comes in contact with detergent.

But each machine may be different so we recommend checking out your own before trying this yourself to avoid ruining your appliance.

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