Mum issues stark warning after breaking her acrylic nail and ending up in hospital for four days with a brutal infection | The Sun

WHEN Shawna Laes' nail broke, she didn't think much of it – but little did she know what was about to come.

Now left with a dead pinkie, the mum has taken to TikTok to warn fellow beauty fans about acrylics and doing them yourself.

According to Shawna (@shawnaleae), things started going in the wrong direction when she applied superglue on her finger before taking her daughter to Disney World for her birthday.

Sharing her story, the mum, believed to be based in the US, reckoned this is when bacteria got in, leaving her with a nasty infection.

Alarmed, she headed to the hospital, where she stayed several days.

Over this period, her pinkie, which was once rocking a stunning red acrylic, now looked like something from a horror movie – it had turned dark purple.

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But this was just the beginning, as soon the infection began to spread to her arm, and this is when doctors diagnosed her with cellulitis.

After being put on IV drip, the mum said her whole body was swollen and she could barely walk.

''Legs, ankles, feet, arms… I'm so full of fluids because my kidney function went from .7 to 2.4.''

Warning others, the mum said: ''Lesson: when you break your nail, put a Band-Aid completely over it until you can get it fixed it is a life or death situation!!''

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Unfortunately for Shawna, things didn't end well for her – the pinkie is necrotic – dead – and doctors even insisted on chopping it off.

Despite the recommendations, Shawna refused to have the procedure done and claims she's happy to have made the decision to live with it.

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According to her, the finger seems to be healing – she even said that a lot of the skin has grown back.

Hearing her story, people on social media were horrified and many flocked to comments to show support.

''i hope your finger will magically heal by itself and donit have to cut it!!!'' wished one viewer.

Another claimed: ''this happened to my toe and it went back to normal, give it a few months.''

''Try putting a glove finger over the dressing to keep it put! I had part of the skin on my finger flayed off and that’s how I protected it!'' someone else advised.

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