Mum of THIRTEEN reveals her strict house rules to keep family sane during coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

TWO busy parents, thought to have the largest family in Scotland, have lifted the lid on the rules that sees their house remain sane during the coronavirus lockdown.

Emma and Roy Hann have 13 children – with ten still living under their roof.

While you might be sitting at home with the kids and wondering how to keep them occupied – spare a thought for the Hanns.

Speaking to the Sunday Post, the parents have revealed what they're planning on doing to ensure their household doesn't plunge into chaos.

Getting out in the garden, doing some DIY and signing up to Netflix are some of the activities high on their list.

Mrs Hann, 50, who works in a cafe, said: "It’s a little bit crazy, a little bit chaotic and a little bit scary, but it’s actually nice to get back to being a family.

"Usually everyone is in and out at different times for work and school but now we are all stuck at home, we are getting back to a routine and it’s mad, but in a lot of ways not such a bad thing.

“We’ve had to adjust with introducing rules and a bit more routine and activity, but we’re surviving and working well together.

"It just shows you how strong the family bond can be.”

Her husband, a nurse practitioner at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, is busy helping to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

But the Hanns, who are Mormons, say they have split up chores to get on with around the house on a daily basis.

They also admit they're encouraging the kids to work as a team and to keep up their exercise, such as walking the dog, Buster.

Emma added: "We now have some conditions, like no TV if the house isn’t tidy, and the kids need to clear away their own dishes after meals and take turns helping prepare dinner for the rest of the family.

"We aren’t really doing home-schooling. We have a few learning apps and homework packs, so are working through those a little every day, although the schedule isn’t rigid.

"It would be too hard to keep that many kids in check all day long.”

The family rules

  • No TV if the house isn’t tidy
  • The kids need to clear away their own dishes after meals
  • The children also take turns helping prepare dinner for the rest of the family.
  • The younger children take part in a few learning apps and homework packs daily
  • They make sure they get out in the garden everyday
  • They do DIY daily
  • They've also signed up to Netflix

Roy conceded the hardest thing was preventing his children from spending all day staring at screens.

But Joe Wicks’ fitness channel on YouTube is the focus for group PE each day, and the family’s trampoline is used more than ever before.

Mrs Hann said: “I’ve been showing them how to cook and bake and knit and crochet — all the things I used to teach them but, with our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to factor these in.

"It has made me feel bad about no longer being a stay-at-home mum.”

And while the coronavirus pandemic has spread, Mr Hann has been busy at work.

He said: "I’m managing the out-of-hours service at the hospital and we’ve had to redesign the team to cope with Covid-19.

“I work night shifts and if I’m not in the hospital I’m busy with emails and phone calls.”

He is worried by the prospect of infection, he added: “The saving grace for us is that it isn’t thought to be as severe for children — and they make up the greatest proportion of our household.”

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