Mum raves about simple ‘52-week challenge’ that’ll help you save over £1k without even noticing

WITH the new year approaching, many people are on track to start fresh with their saving goals, or at the very least, start planning ahead for the year.

And what better way to do that than a simple "52 week challenge" which allows you to put away up to £1378 for the year – without even noticing.

The money-saving hack was shared on Facebook by an Australian mum who swears it's the easiest way to save money without struggling week to week.

The idea is to put £1 away in the first week of the year, £2 in the second, £3 in the third and so on – so you hardly notice at all.

By the last week in December, you'll be saving £52 a week, adding to your tidy bank balance of £1,378.

The mum who posted the idea online said that she dipped in and out of the challenge whenever she could afford it, saving $1 (56p) and $2 (£1.12) coins as well as $5 (£2.76) notes.

Because she didn't stick to it weekly, her total at the end of the year was $633 (£357), but that's still pretty impressive.

Alongside snaps of her saved up cash, she wrote: "What I saved doesn't seem like a lot in 12 months, but it's what I could put away so I'm happy about it."

It seems the clever idea was a hit for many who are keen to boost their bank balance in the new year, with many vowing to give the challenge a go.

"That's amazing, well done," one woman replied.

And and a second added: "I've never done this before but it looks like a great idea."

A third chimed in and said that she'd start the challenge from January 1st in hope to save the maximum amount by this time next year.

One grandmother commented and revelated that she's managed to bank $1,600 (£903) in small notes over the past 12 months and will give the funds to her grandkids in the New Year.

Another woman revealed that she did the same challenge last year and saved $2,800 (£1581).

She said: "I did this for Christmas this year and I had $2,800, did not expect it to be so much."

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