Mums rave about Primark’s £1 coconut shampoo and conditioner – saying it’s the ‘best product they’ve ever used’ – The Sun

WOMEN are raving about Primark’s coconut shampoo and conditioner which they say has transformed their greasy hair.

Facebook is awash with comments from people praising the hair care range, with some people saying they’re never going back to using regular shampoo.

The high street store is selling coconut and cactus flower hair care as part of their super blends range, with this formula designed to strengthen your barnet.

But women have found it’s an amazing cure for greasy, lank locks – and they cost just £1 each.

Posting an image of the range on Facebook's Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group, set up by thrifty mum Holly Smith, one woman wrote: “Anyone that suffers with greasy hair after a day try this.

"Absolutely amazing from Primark.

“I've tried everything with shampoos and even masks and still the same.

“But this has been the best so far. Without a doubt.”

Her post has since gone viral, racking up more than 1,200 likes as others agreed – while some vowed they're going to try it.

One of the hundreds of comments said: “I love mine, best products I’ve ever used on my hair wouldn’t try anything else.”

This mum said: “This is a godsend I’m pregnant and my hair is getting greasy a lot at the moment and it helps so much.”

A third commented: “It works I’ve been using it for ages hard to find it, so every time I see them I pick up as many as I can.”

While this person added: “This stuff is amazing!”

And this mum wrote: "My daughter uses this and I agree helped her with her greasy hair."

But as Primark doesn't sell online, you better get down to your local branch if you want to get your hands on them.

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