My bloke gave me my dream proposal at Disneyland… but it was ruined by a member of staff – I can’t believe what they did

A THEME park employee has earned the ire of the internet after interrupting a proposal at Disneyland Paris.

In a video shared by the couple’s best friend, a man can be seen getting down on his knee, while taking a ring box from his pocket. In the background is the film franchise’s iconic Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

However, the moment is interrupted by the Disneyland staff member running into frame and grabbing the ring box from the man’s hand. He then runs down the stairs and directs the couple to follow him.

While this is happening, the woman can be seen clasping her hands to her mouth in shock.

The man then attempts to interject and says he had permission to propose to his partner.

“Yes but over here, it’s going to be even better,” the employee can be heard saying, while ushering the couple down the steps.

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In the corner of the video, another staff member can also be seen gesturing to the couple and asking them to move down.

In the comments of the Reddit post – where the video was originally shared – users lashed the Disneyland employee for his interruption.

“He didn’t just motion him down, the employee snatched the wedding ring out of his hands. That’s pretty high on my list of things to not touch,” read one comment.

“Trying to figure out if dude was happier enforcing rules or ruining moment. He was legitimately happier for ruining the moment,” wrote another.

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A third wrote, “Grabbing the ring was insane and across any acceptable line. My wife’s wedding ring is one of the most expensive things we own and If someone had ripped it out of my hands while I was in the process of giving it to her for the first time I would have gone ballistic.”

The theme park has also offered their apologies to the couple.

In a comment to Newsweek, a Disney spokesman said they “regret how this was handled”.

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“We have apologised to the couple involved and offered to make it right,” they said.

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