My gran spilled bleach on her carpet – her artsy solution was baffling | The Sun

WE'VE all spilt things on the floor that are hard to clean up.

It might take a bit of elbow grease, but usually you can get the stain out eventually.

The only thing that you've got no chance of getting out is bleach, so when this gran accidentally spilt some on her carpet she had to get creative.

Posting the clumsy mistake on twitter, @nightmaremodego wrote: "My gran spilled a bit of bleach on her carpet the other day, so decided to go with it."

The twitter user then posted a series of snaps showing his gran's carpet looking more like a Jackson Pollock painting than a normal carpet.

Instead of accepting the stain, the savvy gran decided to take the rest of the bleach and squirt it in a funky pattern all over the carpet.

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The beige carpet, which appears to be in a bedroom, ended up having white swirling lines all over it.

Her artsy solution definitely worked out cheaper than forking out for a new carpet though.

The pictures were reposted on Instagram and people couldn't believe she'd really coated the floor in bleach completely on purpose.

One person joked: "That's now a £4k carpet if you live in Central London."

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Another quipped: "I like it…Picasso."

Others could relate the the slap dash fix, saying, "this is something I would 100000% have done."

"Something I’d do… then moan 3 hours later," another laughed.

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