Organizing expert reveals three hacks that will make your next hotel stay more comfortable

SLEEPING at hotels and away from the comfort of your own home isn’t always ideal. 

However,  an organization expert has revealed three hacks that will help travelers be more comfortable during their next hotel stay.

A professional organizer named Caroline shared a video to her TikTok page that shows travelers exactly how to utilize their hotel room to its fullest extent.

“If you’re low on outlets, look in the back of your TV for an extra USB port,” she advised before showing followers that the TV can be used to charge a phone.

“If you wanna work, but you don’t wanna sit at a desk, use your ironing board as a standing desk,” the expert noted for her second tip. 

Sure enough, she was able to adjust her ironing board to the perfect height that made standing while working on her laptop easy and comfortable.

For her third and final tip, Caroline told people to use the clips on the hangers that come in the hotel closet to keep shades or current closed. 

“Now you can sleep in!” she enthusiastically noted.

If you’re keen to be up to date with the latest travel hacks and tips, there are plenty of travel and organizing experts that have shared their knowledge on the internet. 

A woman previously shared that if you are flying in a plane without a television, you can hang your phone from the back of the seat to mimic the experience of having a TV. 

A flight attendant also shared her three tips for staying at hotels. 

First, she said to never use the provided glassware.

"The reason being, you don't know if they were cleaned properly or just rinsed out from the last people who stayed in that hotel room," she explained.

She also suggested bringing a clear plastic bag to wrap the TV remote in for sanitary purposes.

And for those who don't get a complimentary breakfast, she said the coffee machine can be used to heat water for oatmeal.

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