PacSun Launches Gender Neutral Shop for Unisex Dressing

PacSun is taking a big step towards a more sartorially inclusive future, joining in on a generational movement of less rules and more options with the announcement of their all-new shopping experience. The Gender Neutral Shop will feature a selection of curated PacSun pieces that leave the traditional ideas of gender-coded dressing behind and allow customers to wear what they want, how they want when they’re thinking about clothes. The retailer is making great strides for change by encouraging consumers to have no limits to their fashion possibilities and break the traditional mold of binary clothing.

The concept was inspired by the way the retailer’s customers actually shop and choose what they wear. “PacSun is proud to announce the launch of the Gender Neutral Shop, created in response to the shift we’ve seen in customer shopping and dressing,” says Brie Olson, Chief Brand Officer at PacSun. “This is the future of clothing — styles that are made for all, no matter who you are.” The Gender Neutral Shop collection will include basics, graphics, pants, hoodies and sneakers that cater to every style.

The Gender Neutral shop is live now on PacSun’s website, with its entire unisex collection of clothing ranging from $19.95 USD to $75 USD.
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