People are only just realising why there’s a timer symbol on their skincare | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked at the back of your moisturiser or face serum and wondered what all the symbols mean?

Well, one woman is making it her mission to "make the confusing world of skincare seem a little clearer", and shared a TikTok video detailing what each of the commonly used symbols actually indicate.

"Ever wondered what these symbols mean on your face serums?" she began.

First up – the timer or hourglass symbol.

"The hourglass means a product can be kept for 30 months, regardless of whether it’s been opened or not," she explained.

"This is usually because the preservatives or actives expire."

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The jar with the number and letter M next to it means "the number of months the product should be used starting from the you opened it, not when you bought it".

While the refer to insert image "means that additional information can be found on the leaflet, or is contained in the box of the product".

"This is usually to fit the legally required information they couldn’t fit on the bottle or jar without ruining the aesthetic," she added.

The green loop of arrows means "the product container is recyclable".

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"If there’s also a number it’s the percentage of the container that’s made from recyclable material," she explained.

There are several symbols that refer to animal testing – the "leaping bunny means the product has not undergone any animal testing in product development".

And "the cruelty free PETA logo means the brand has a global-wide company ban on testing on animals".

There are also three logos which refer to "various standards of organic or plant based ingredients" and the "green dot means the manufacturer partakes in a recycling and recovery scheme to manage packaging waste".

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Lastly, and probably the most self-explanatory symbol, the fire.

"It means what’s inside is flammable so keep away from heat," she concluded.

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