People say I’m too pretty to be a bus driver & I’m tired of customers calling me an attention-seeker for wearing make-up

A YOUNG bus driver has revealed she gets called "too pretty" to do her job and is slammed as “attention-seeking” for wearing make-up.

Charmane Isabella, who posts under @charsbusbanter on TikTok shared a video on struggles she experiences on the job. 

In a light-hearted clip, she acted out customers criticising her for wearing make-up on her shift and asking her who she is trying to impress. 

She then revealed that if she doesn’t wear any make-up people say to her: “You look tired, did you get any sleep last night?”

Charmane also added that some people tell her she is “too pretty” to be a bus driver and when she asks what a typical bus driver looks like, they reply with “old, bald and moody.”

However, passenger comments aren’t the hardest thing about the job. 

She explained: “So genuinely it is not being able to go to the toilet when you need to go to the toilet.

“It is especially difficult for females.

“It’s a basic human right.”

On Instagram, she said the best part of the job is being alone all day without a manager telling her what to do, but it can get “lonely”.

However, the craziest thing that’s happened to her is someone “pooping” on the bus and “spreading it on the seats”.

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